$2.4 Million Paid Out in Jackpot Wins – J-Lo’s Mom Wins Too!

Several stories about people winning huge jackpots both online and in Vegas are heard frequently and there is a famous persistent number, which seems to be dominating these jackpot wins. The $2.4 million figure has become a regularly featured number for jackpot wins. This repetitive number is a neat figure that has altered several lives. Jennifer Lopez’s mother’s case is possibly the most popular one.

J-Lo & MomJennifer talks about mom’s thrilling jackpot win

‘The Tonight show’ featured Jennifer Lopez a while back where she spoke about her mother engaging in slot games at an Atlantic City casino (Borgata). Here she came out as the winner of a huge progressive jackpot. It goes like this that she called up Jennifer to inform her about the win and she was calm at the beginning and then shouted out the details in her excitement.

Jimmy Fallon, who was hosting the show, also shared his personal tale when he won $200 playing alongside his father at the Atlantic City. This happened the exact same night when he was on the slots machine of ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Thrilled with the win, they woke up next morning to find the news about Jennifer’s mother on the front page of the New York Post. It said that she won the huge amount playing on the same machine (Wheel of Fortune) as Fallon and his dad.

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