4 Ideas for Gambling Fundraisers


One of the most popular types of fundraisers is the fundraiser with a gambling theme. Most people enjoy the thrill of gambling, but cringe at the thought of wasting their money. Gaming nights solve this problem because the participants get a kick out of gambling, but they don’t mind losing because they know their money is going to support a worthwhile cause. If you are looking to hold a fundraiser, check out the following fundraiser ideas with a gambling theme:

Hold a Raffle Raffles have stood the test of time as popular fundraisers, and they are simple to organize. One reason raffles are so popular is that they don’t require a lot of cash to set up. Typically, businesses will donate prizes, and players buy raffle tickets. Then a drawing is held to see who won which prize. Examples of appealing prizes are free trips and electronics, such as DVD players. The more tickets your organization sells, the more money you make.

Set Up a Casino Night Casino nights are very popular because they are lots of fun. There are plenty of companies that specialize in setting these up and they can deliver a very authentic and memorable experience. Instead of cashing in their chips for money, the players trade them in for raffle tickets. The prizes come from sponsoring businesses. Have a Poker Game This is another popular one, especially since poker games such as Texas Hold’em have become so trendy recently. You’ll need to rent poker supplies and find a location that has the proper permits. You have several ways to make money: You might charge an admission fee; you can vend food and drinks; a percentage could be collected from every pot; or you could hold a raffle or an auction for prizes which have been donated by businesses. Just make sure you are complying with the local rules.

Bet on a “Cow Patty” This one is pretty creative and might not appeal to everyone. Rural areas are good choices for this fundraiser, which entails marking a large field into numbered squares. Each square is then sold. A cow is put into the field, and everyone waits for the cow to produce its “patty”. The winner is the person who bought the square that the patty lands in. You can also make money from concessions, contests, and fun activities like face painting. For more on gambling-themed fundraisers, visit www.fundraiserhelp.com.