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Rooney Sticking to His Guns Amid Rumours of Departure

Wayne RoneyHaving recently smashed the great Sir Bobby Charlton’s England national goal scoring record, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has cemented his already pretty secure place in the record books. For many people, including the man himself, this could not have come around at a better time. What better way to bay off the quietly intensifying rumours that have been rippling around the inner circles of the footballing world in recent months that Wayne Rooney is to stand down from the national stage – 12 years after scoring his first international goal.

The fast approaching Euro 2016 international contest will be Rooney’s seventh big tournament in his national colours, and the 29-year-old is adamant that there will be plenty more to come. Speaking to Skys Sports dot com the player, widely considered one of the greatest strikers of all time, stated: “it’s a huge privilege to play for my country and I’m sure it would possibly be the managers choice to select me.”

Having broken the previous record set by Charlton, who is famed for being a part of the world cup winning England squad of 1966, on top of his sterling club record, Rooney will now take a great deal of beating.

Estimated to be worth an unbelievable £72million Wayne Rooney is one of the richest under-30’s on planet, his wealth the product of a near flawless ride at the very pinnacle of the professional footballing world.

Organized Crime in Australia Has Ties to Gambling High Rollers

The imminent opening of new high roller casinos in Australia is raising questions about the suitability of such establishments. Sydney and Brisbane will welcome top class casinos over the next five or six years. The main clientele at these establishments will be VIPs. The casinos are keen to cash in on high profile guests in a similar manner to Macau.

australia gamblingVIPs and high rollers are known for their expensive tastes and extravagant betting habits. It is not uncommon for a high roller to spend $100,000 or $200,000 in a few hours of gambling. Whether it is craps, baccarat, poker or blackjack, they like to bet big.

The main type of customer at these casinos will be high rollers from China. These are people with very deep pockets and an even deeper love of elite gambling.

Unfortunately, there has been a report on ABC in Australia that links many high rollers to organized crime in their countries. These individuals have been linked to operating criminal enterprises, laundering money and even extreme violence. People are worried that opening these casinos will attract such trouble to Australia.

Importance of VIP Casinos –

Australian casinos already make a lot of money. Reports say that around $5 billion is generated on a yearly basis. People want more. Casino owners and local governments are working together to expand casino projects and develop VIP casinos. Owners would see a huge rise in profits, while the state would benefit through taxation policies. Billionaire James Packer is building a SIX star casino over the coming years.

When states do not have a base of taxation, they look to casinos. VIP casinos bring the possibility of millions of dollars in tax money for the governments of Brisbane and Sydney. It may be a risk to invite VIP clientele from China and other parts of the world, but Australian governments seem willing to take the punt. They are desperate to build a lucrative long term tax base for their states, and VIP casinos fit the bill.

For more on this story, click here.

Celebrities Stay Sheltered in Las Vegas

celebrities in la casinoEverybody knows that celebrities have a complicated relationship with paparazzi. For example, celebrities often despise how paparazzi follow them around taking constant pictures and asking question after question. They also hate it when paparazzi leak private matters to the press. However, there is a place in the country where celebrities can go and find a bit of a vacation from paparazzi. Do you know where it is? It’s Las Vegas. It’s true! People in Las Vegas tend to respect the privacy of visiting celebrities.

Las Vegas is great place for celebrities to visit. They can network with other famous people. They can also gamble for days on end in one of the many casinos. They are also generally left alone. For example, the superstar Michael Jackson was holed up in a resort in Las Vegas in 2008. He lived in the resort for two whole months before a local gossip columnist wrote a small blurb about it. Even after the blurb was published, few people seemed to care. Why is Las Vegas like this? Part of the reason stems from the professionalism of the staff at the numerous resorts and casinos. They are able to make arrangements discretely. The private nature of resorts also make them easy to defend against reporters and photographers. Celebrities can reserve entire floors of resorts and station bodyguards wherever they decide to go.

There is also a business side as well. Celebrities often go to Las Vegas to help open a new resort or a restaurant he or she may partly own. This gives them much more control. It’s nice to know there is a place in the country where celebrities can go to feel safe!

High Rollers Being Looked as Organized Crime Dealers

In forthcoming years, Australia’s largest cities Brisbane and Sydney will see a spurt of casinos across the coast with the sole aim of attracting wealthy players into their fold. In the overcrowded world of gambling, which includes people from humble backgrounds trying their luck at slot machines with few dollars on a daily basis; there also exist an elite gamblers group. These players are referred as “casino whales” who do not bid less than $15000 in single bets. Due to their tendency concentrate on high stakes card games; Chinese poker players have become very popular in casinos across United States and Australia. Famous casinos treat them like celebrities and give them VIP treatment by arranging for free flights and luxurious stay.

Australian gamblers and organized crime

highrollersThe chase to attract high rollers from Asia has opened up the Australian gambling industry to organized crime and money laundering activities. With an annual turnover of $ 5 billion Australian casino industry is attracting both high rollers and organized criminals who use this medium to bankroll players and launder their money. Famous and rich gamblers from Indonesia and China are being targeted in an upcoming casino project of Crown Casino at Barangaroo and also at Brisbane on Queen’s Wharf development section, which will cater exclusively to them. The trend of turning casinos into tax revenues sources is turning local businessmen and government authorities into risk takers.

Comparing Macau and Australian casinos

Recent reports about combination of gambling and crime in far-off Macau may become a reality in Australian junket operations are allowed with elite gamblers from China. The gaming region of Macau has become an epicentre for gamblers in Asia which owners more than 70 percent of its revenue to high rollers who bet staggering amounts of money, which can be won or lost in one night. Professional gamblers in Macau are not allowed to play high stakes beyond a certain point nor are they allowed to take it out of the regions therefore they travel to Australia and other regions. These VIP Chinese gamblers play on credit and when they are unable to repay their creditors the latter use organized crime gangs to collect the debt.

Greatest Gambling Wins and Legends

There have been plenty of legendary gamblers and great gambling moments over the past 20 to 30 years. Names like Ken Uston immediately come to mind when talking about great gambling moments. Here are some details about a few other legends and their greatest achievements.

One of the best stories from recent times goes back to the 1980s, when a man came into Las Vegas with the intention to bet big. He has now been labelled the “suitcase man” because of what transpired. William Bergstrom came from Austin and went to the Binion casino. At the time, they were running a special where they would book a first bet for anyone who came in, no matter how large that bet was.


Bergstrom went in with a $780,000 bet, with all the money in a suitcase, and played a game of craps. He doubled his money and departed the casino swiftly. This was not the end. He returned to the casino later on, winning $600,000 and $100,000. However, his lucky streak ended when he lost $1,000,000 in a craps bet. Remarkably, he was found dead a few weeks later at a hotel in the Las Vegas Strip, having committed suicide.

Another great story involves a Greek-American, Archie Karas. He is one of the most famous gamblers in the world. Between 1992 and 1993 he managed to win an incredible SEVENTEEN MILLION dollars. He started out with only $10,000, having borrowed that with a friend, but he turned that into a pot of gold. Karas won this money at various events, including poker, craps, blackjack and horse race betting.

While there are many tales of people who bet too much and lost, these stories show that huge wins are also possible. The likes of Bergstrom and Karas could never have imagined that they would win so much in Las Vegas. While neither gambler’s story ended well, they had plenty of good times. For more information on other gambling legends, click here.

Who’s Social Media’s Fav Poker Pro? Daniel Negreanu Is!

Ranked as the topmost player of PokerStars Pro, Daniel Negreanu is a vociferous person by nature who wears his heart on his sleeve. His views and personal ability as a poker player have earned him millions of fans across social networking sites.

With the title of “Poker Pros Social Currency” on a blog of PokerStars, Daniel is regarded as a kind of social media pro both by private gambling parties and online gambling firms. With a plethora of poker sites that have a significant presence on social networking sites, it is difficult to ignore them. They constantly engage attention of customers and followers towards real time poker through famous players like Negreanu.

 Daniel Negreanu

How social media helped Daniel’s rankings

To check the popularity of its star players and rank them according to their social media following, PokerStars recently conducted a survey of its online popularity on four different social networking sites. This method involved calculating the number of active and passive followers of all its blogs and posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to determine its rankings.

While social tool FollwerWonk helped in gauging effect of a player’s tweets on others’ lives, Likealyzer sifted through more than 40 Facebook signals to gauge the difference between real followers and people just passing time.

Other players in the fray

Results of this study have revealed that Daniel Negreanu is the most popular player beating Phil Ivey, due to more than 12000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter. He has managed to garner the attention of both amateur and professional poker players, which has helped in giving him a score of 78 out of 100.

Negreanu defeated Phil Ivy by 5 points though he has won World Poker Series nearly 10 times and has a bigger fan following in Facebook. Other top poker stars are Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, and Liv Boeree. Though Phil Hellmuth also has a huge Facebook and Twitter following, he was able to get 10th ranking only due to his lack of interaction with followers on YouTube and Instagram.

James Packer’s Macau Casino Investment Backed by Goldman Sachs

While most other casino investors in Macau are going through tough times to retain customers, Crown Resorts has a shot in the arm by way of public support from its largest investor Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The firm has invested in a large casino christened Melco Crown at Macau, in partnership with Lawrence Ho who runs City of Dreams and is also planning to be a part of Studio City. While some investors have backed off from investments in Macau due to the government crackdown on corruption, Melco Crown still stands by its investment stating that it is a onetime investment and half of its total profits are contributed by this branch.

City-of-Dreams-Macau-Melco-Crown_James Parker

Goldman Sachs supports James Packer

Goldman Sachs’ local head of Australian Equities has stated that though there is more volatility in the gambling market of Macau, it will stabilize within a few quarters and Melco Crown will witness long term growth. He further stated that Goldman Sachs has always been a long term investor and since inbound tourism in China is still at a nascent stage there is room for tremendous growth for Melco Crown which is a top class resort cum casino. As a regular investor in Crown group’s innovative business plans, Goldman Sachs is confident about long term profitability at Macau.

Financial Status of Melco Crown

The net revenues of Melco Crown fell drastically by 22 percent during initial quarter of 2015 shaking the investors as sales in both regular and VIP market segments. James Packer too admitted that the shakedown was worse than expected and profits have fallen more heavily than during early part of economic breakdown in 2008. But growing interest of inland tourists from China that are visiting the island with families to enjoy the luxuries of five star hotels, has broadened the clientele of resorts cum casinos in Macau like Melco Crown Resorts.

How Casinos are Once Again Becoming Celebrity Magnets

Gaming establishments have a long history attracting the glitz and glamour of royalty, show business and high society. European casinos were once exclusively known as playgrounds for royals and the fabulously wealthy, and the strip at Las Vegas was associated with Hollywood celebrities from early on.

Before the turn of the century, casinos around the world were eager to welcome a broader audience. The rich and famous were a dominant segment at casinos for decades, but opening gaming centers away from locales such as Monaco and Las Vegas made them more attractive to average gamblers. Airport gaming parlors and new gambling towns such as Atlantic City introduced casinos to the middle class, and Las Vegas even went through a marketing period that aimed to turn Sin City into a family-friendly vacation spot.

Casino House

An Egalitarian Return of Glitz

By the early 21st century, the casino visitor profile had greatly expanded to include celebrities from the worlds of sports, entertainment and business. These days, it is not unusual to find Hollywood actors rubbing elbows with professional athletes and high rollers in casinos around the world. In the past, casino operators would usher celebrities to an exclusive, private area; things are not so elitist these days.

At the recent Fourth of July weekend celebrations in Las Vegas, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and singer Adam Lambert were spotted along with comedian David Spade. In recent years, many players have been surprised by celebrities who arrive at major casinos unannounced.

The Next Gambling and Celebrity Hotspot is Down Under

Economic prosperity in Asia in Oceania has prompted casino operators to consider Australia as the next major gambling and leisure destination. Over the last few years, celebrities have been flocking to this country to enjoy its vast natural beauty and hospitality; to this end, developers see an excellent opportunity to build luxury resorts anchored by major casinos. Many Australian online casinos are cropping up too – like https://www.onlinepokies.site.

In the next five years, Australia will see two major casino resort projects open in Queensland and Sidney Harbour. The Aquis Resort will be located near the Great Barrier Reef, and it will consist of eight hotels, a massive aquarium, special areas for pubs, dance clubs and restaurants, and a championship-grade golf course. Developers believe that celebrities will enjoy spending time at these resorts, which will also attract Asian players.

Online Gambling Tips From The Legends

You may be an occasional gambler or may have started playing a few rounds of poker or roulette lately, but have you ever thought of making a career out of gambling? If nothing, you can always think of gambling as a quick way of making some money. However, is it always so? What if you even lose whatever little you have, leave alone winning big. However, with these tips from the legends, you do not have to worry about losing it all while gambling.

Learn to manage your money

Online Gambling TipsYes, that’s the first rule. To make money, you need to know how you manage it well. When you start online gambling, ascertain the amount you would be spending on the game. If you will be trying a variety of games, divide your funds for each game accordingly. In any case, you should not gamble with more than what you had decided in the first place. It’s the key to not losing.

Don’t be afraid to go a level lower

If you are good at a certain game, you may tend to play its high-skill levels. However, you can also take home a considerable amount if you play low-level games. Or you can again use the strategy to divide you cash and use some for low-skill games and some for higher ones.

Don’t burn-out!

You may be tired of losing, but may still continue playing just in the hope of getting lucky in the next game. You may not even think much and may continue staying with a ‘not so good’ hand. That is when you are said to be burning out. If you are losing much, it probably is not your day, in which case you should try your luck some other day. Knowing when to stop, irrespective of whether you are winning or losing is also equally important.

Legitimate Online Casinos Falling Afoul of New UK Filters

In the last year, the United Kingdom government has been working to increase the amount of restrictions on sites that promote activity that can be commonly seen as illegal or immoral.

UK Gambling CommissionThese restrictions are supposed to take place at the ISP level, so users may not even be able to access unlicensed sites even if they know what they are searching for. Adult users are also supposed to be able to “opt in” to say that they are legally permitted to view legal content.

Unfortunately, some gambling sites now seem to be included in the larger illicit net that includes pornography, violence and what’s called extremist behavior.

Currently there are some discussions taking place on how much of a role ISPs have in enforcing the government regulations.

In January, the UK Gambling Commission met with representatives from TalkTalk and BT, two larger ISPs, to request they begin creating “splash pages” that come up before a user accesses a site that promotes something unlicensed such as gambling, pornography or other unwelcome content. The ISPs both told the Financial Times that they didn’t want to be in the position of deciding what content customers should or shouldn’t access. They also suggested a stronger legal framework is needed

Some site operators have been maintaining that the family-friendly filters that are still under development and limited testing may be working too well – a Forbes study showed that the filters have been blocking roughly 20,000 of the 100,000 most popular sites.

Licensed and legitimate online casino owners are among those which have discovered that they’ve been ending up on blacklists of different ISPs, including Bet365 Casino which was blocked on four ISPs. PokerStars, 888Poker, and PartyPoker also were blocked by at least one site.

The filters are supposed to be rolled out region-wide next year.