High Rollers Being Looked as Organized Crime Dealers

In forthcoming years, Australia’s largest cities Brisbane and Sydney will see a spurt of casinos across the coast with the sole aim of attracting wealthy players into their fold. In the overcrowded world of gambling, which includes people from humble backgrounds trying their luck at slot machines with few dollars on a daily basis; there also exist an elite gamblers group. These players are referred as “casino whales” who do not bid less than $15000 in single bets. Due to their tendency concentrate on high stakes card games; Chinese poker players have become very popular in casinos across United States and Australia. Famous casinos treat them like celebrities and give them VIP treatment by arranging for free flights and luxurious stay.

Australian gamblers and organized crime

highrollersThe chase to attract high rollers from Asia has opened up the Australian gambling industry to organized crime and money laundering activities. With an annual turnover of $ 5 billion Australian casino industry is attracting both high rollers and organized criminals who use this medium to bankroll players and launder their money. Famous and rich gamblers from Indonesia and China are being targeted in an upcoming casino project of Crown Casino at Barangaroo and also at Brisbane on Queen’s Wharf development section, which will cater exclusively to them. The trend of turning casinos into tax revenues sources is turning local businessmen and government authorities into risk takers.

Comparing Macau and Australian casinos

Recent reports about combination of gambling and crime in far-off Macau may become a reality in Australian junket operations are allowed with elite gamblers from China. The gaming region of Macau has become an epicentre for gamblers in Asia which owners more than 70 percent of its revenue to high rollers who bet staggering amounts of money, which can be won or lost in one night. Professional gamblers in Macau are not allowed to play high stakes beyond a certain point nor are they allowed to take it out of the regions therefore they travel to Australia and other regions. These VIP Chinese gamblers play on credit and when they are unable to repay their creditors the latter use organized crime gangs to collect the debt.

Greatest Gambling Wins and Legends

There have been plenty of legendary gamblers and great gambling moments over the past 20 to 30 years. Names like Ken Uston immediately come to mind when talking about great gambling moments. Here are some details about a few other legends and their greatest achievements.

One of the best stories from recent times goes back to the 1980s, when a man came into Las Vegas with the intention to bet big. He has now been labelled the “suitcase man” because of what transpired. William Bergstrom came from Austin and went to the Binion casino. At the time, they were running a special where they would book a first bet for anyone who came in, no matter how large that bet was.


Bergstrom went in with a $780,000 bet, with all the money in a suitcase, and played a game of craps. He doubled his money and departed the casino swiftly. This was not the end. He returned to the casino later on, winning $600,000 and $100,000. However, his lucky streak ended when he lost $1,000,000 in a craps bet. Remarkably, he was found dead a few weeks later at a hotel in the Las Vegas Strip, having committed suicide.

Another great story involves a Greek-American, Archie Karas. He is one of the most famous gamblers in the world. Between 1992 and 1993 he managed to win an incredible SEVENTEEN MILLION dollars. He started out with only $10,000, having borrowed that with a friend, but he turned that into a pot of gold. Karas won this money at various events, including poker, craps, blackjack and horse race betting.

While there are many tales of people who bet too much and lost, these stories show that huge wins are also possible. The likes of Bergstrom and Karas could never have imagined that they would win so much in Las Vegas. While neither gambler’s story ended well, they had plenty of good times. For more information on other gambling legends, click here.

Who’s Social Media’s Fav Poker Pro? Daniel Negreanu Is!

Ranked as the topmost player of PokerStars Pro, Daniel Negreanu is a vociferous person by nature who wears his heart on his sleeve. His views and personal ability as a poker player have earned him millions of fans across social networking sites.

With the title of “Poker Pros Social Currency” on a blog of PokerStars, Daniel is regarded as a kind of social media pro both by private gambling parties and online gambling firms. With a plethora of poker sites that have a significant presence on social networking sites, it is difficult to ignore them. They constantly engage attention of customers and followers towards real time poker through famous players like Negreanu.

 Daniel Negreanu

How social media helped Daniel’s rankings

To check the popularity of its star players and rank them according to their social media following, PokerStars recently conducted a survey of its online popularity on four different social networking sites. This method involved calculating the number of active and passive followers of all its blogs and posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to determine its rankings.

While social tool FollwerWonk helped in gauging effect of a player’s tweets on others’ lives, Likealyzer sifted through more than 40 Facebook signals to gauge the difference between real followers and people just passing time.

Other players in the fray

Results of this study have revealed that Daniel Negreanu is the most popular player beating Phil Ivey, due to more than 12000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter. He has managed to garner the attention of both amateur and professional poker players, which has helped in giving him a score of 78 out of 100.

Negreanu defeated Phil Ivy by 5 points though he has won World Poker Series nearly 10 times and has a bigger fan following in Facebook. Other top poker stars are Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, and Liv Boeree. Though Phil Hellmuth also has a huge Facebook and Twitter following, he was able to get 10th ranking only due to his lack of interaction with followers on YouTube and Instagram.

How Casinos are Once Again Becoming Celebrity Magnets

Gaming establishments have a long history attracting the glitz and glamour of royalty, show business and high society. European casinos were once exclusively known as playgrounds for royals and the fabulously wealthy, and the strip at Las Vegas was associated with Hollywood celebrities from early on.

Before the turn of the century, casinos around the world were eager to welcome a broader audience. The rich and famous were a dominant segment at casinos for decades, but opening gaming centers away from locales such as Monaco and Las Vegas made them more attractive to average gamblers. Airport gaming parlors and new gambling towns such as Atlantic City introduced casinos to the middle class, and Las Vegas even went through a marketing period that aimed to turn Sin City into a family-friendly vacation spot.

Casino House

An Egalitarian Return of Glitz

By the early 21st century, the casino visitor profile had greatly expanded to include celebrities from the worlds of sports, entertainment and business. These days, it is not unusual to find Hollywood actors rubbing elbows with professional athletes and high rollers in casinos around the world. In the past, casino operators would usher celebrities to an exclusive, private area; things are not so elitist these days.

At the recent Fourth of July weekend celebrations in Las Vegas, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and singer Adam Lambert were spotted along with comedian David Spade. In recent years, many players have been surprised by celebrities who arrive at major casinos unannounced.

The Next Gambling and Celebrity Hotspot is Down Under

Economic prosperity in Asia in Oceania has prompted casino operators to consider Australia as the next major gambling and leisure destination. Over the last few years, celebrities have been flocking to this country to enjoy its vast natural beauty and hospitality; to this end, developers see an excellent opportunity to build luxury resorts anchored by major casinos.

In the next five years, Australia will see two major casino resort projects open in Queensland and Sidney Harbour. The Aquis Resort will be located near the Great Barrier Reef, and it will consist of eight hotels, a massive aquarium, special areas for pubs, dance clubs and restaurants, and a championship-grade golf course. Developers believe that celebrities will enjoy spending time at these resorts, which will also attract Asian players.

“Celebrity” Gambling Ship Sets Sail in Florida

The Palm Beach area of Florida is a popular vacation destination for visitors from Europe and America. A group of high profile celebrities have invested in a new gaming ship that launched its first voyage in March from the Port of Palm Beach. The boat provides both casino gambling and a sports book.

Hollywood Florida

The Boat

The boat is a refurbished 160 ft. yacht that has been turned into a sailing casino. Some sources claim the cost of refurbishing the Yacht, named “Island Breeze II”, was approximately $3.0 million. The ship has a casino floor that includes table games (black jack, craps, roulette) and 200 slot machines as well as a sports book. One of the ships hot spots is the poker room located on the third deck. The room should be a favorite destination for celebrities and poker professionals. The boat has a maximum occupancy of 600 people. Due to gambling restrictions, the boat sails twice a day from the Port of Palm Beach into international waters approximately three miles out. The buffet and bar are sure to be popular amenities.

Celebrity Investors
Known celebrity gamblers have made an investment in the ship. They include Comedian/Actor Eddie Griffin, Actor Rob Lowe (West Wing), Actor Josh Duhamel (Fergie’s husband and star of the TV series “Las Vegas”), and 2006 World Series of Poker champion Jamie Gold. Gold will be investing more than cash as he will be assuming Host duties in the poker room. The group hopes their celebrity pals will make regular visits and bring loads of cash.

The Island Breeze II will have a big advantage over the land based casinos located in parts of Florida. By sailing into international waters, the boat will be able to avoid some of the gambling laws currently restricting the gambling operations of Florida’s licensed casinos. The sports book is unique because sports gambling is illegal in the state. The draw of popular celebrities will give celebrity fans a reason to make a visit and join in the fun.

Celebrities with Gambling Problems

Celebrities with gambling problems is nothing new, with many of them struggling to keep a lid on their spending when they are thrust into situations of obscene wealth. Here is a look at a few celebrities who have well documented gambling problems.

gambling problem

Allen Iverson –

Ex NBA basketball player Allen Iverson has a long history with gambling, dating back to his playing days. Iverson was twice banished from notable casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City, and has gotten in trouble with more than one team over his lifestyle. Iverson took to the Turkish basketball league in an attempt to make money and get rid of his gambling debts.

Phil Mickelson –

Despite being one of the best golfers of his generation, Phil Mickelson has been known to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars at the poker table. There was a time when he switched from one major golf equipment supplier to another because they offered to pay off his outstanding debts.

Ben Affleck –

Now happily married, Ben Affleck was once an avid gambler. His most embarrassing gambling story comes from the time when he went to Las Vegas and bet $60,000 a hand at the blackjack tables. Despite his addiction to blackjack and online poker, Affleck wins more often than he loses, ensuring no financial problems related to gambling.

Charles Barkley –

The man dubbed the best NBA player to never win a ring, Charles Barkley can be seen gambling most nights he is not analyzing the game for NBA TV. Despite losing more than $10 million over the years, Barkley does not think he has a problem. “I don’t consider it a problem because I can afford to gamble,” he said a few years ago.

Barkley gets paid well for his TV appearances, and has plenty of money tucked away from his playing days. Close friends of his claim that he has curbed his gambling in recent years, and no longer posts big losses.

For information about three other celebrities that have struggled with gambling problems in the past, click here.

4 Ideas for Gambling Fundraisers


One of the most popular types of fundraisers is the fundraiser with a gambling theme. Most people enjoy the thrill of gambling, but cringe at the thought of wasting their money. Gaming nights solve this problem because the participants get a kick out of gambling, but they don’t mind losing because they know their money is going to support a worthwhile cause. If you are looking to hold a fundraiser, check out the following fundraiser ideas with a gambling theme:

Hold a Raffle Raffles have stood the test of time as popular fundraisers, and they are simple to organize. One reason raffles are so popular is that they don’t require a lot of cash to set up. Typically, businesses will donate prizes, and players buy raffle tickets. Then a drawing is held to see who won which prize. Examples of appealing prizes are free trips and electronics, such as DVD players. The more tickets your organization sells, the more money you make.

Set Up a Casino Night Casino nights are very popular because they are lots of fun. There are plenty of companies that specialize in setting these up and they can deliver a very authentic and memorable experience. Instead of cashing in their chips for money, the players trade them in for raffle tickets. The prizes come from sponsoring businesses. Have a Poker Game This is another popular one, especially since poker games such as Texas Hold’em have become so trendy recently. You’ll need to rent poker supplies and find a location that has the proper permits. You have several ways to make money: You might charge an admission fee; you can vend food and drinks; a percentage could be collected from every pot; or you could hold a raffle or an auction for prizes which have been donated by businesses. Just make sure you are complying with the local rules.

Bet on a “Cow Patty” This one is pretty creative and might not appeal to everyone. Rural areas are good choices for this fundraiser, which entails marking a large field into numbered squares. Each square is then sold. A cow is put into the field, and everyone waits for the cow to produce its “patty”. The winner is the person who bought the square that the patty lands in. You can also make money from concessions, contests, and fun activities like face painting. For more on gambling-themed fundraisers, visit www.fundraiserhelp.com.

Maple Casino Ready to Launch Avalon II

Maple Casino, Canada’s #1 online casino, is finally preparing to launch its new and long awaited slot game sequel: Avalon II, The Quest for the Grail. The launch date for this game is February 5th of 2014, and audiences and consumers are waiting anxiously for the new slot adventure to be play-ready.

In this sequel to the ever-popular Avalon slot game, Avalon II begins another epic battle between good and evil for gamers to embark upon. Players will be swept into the world of Avalon through its magnificent artwork, gorgeous landscapes, 3D animations and its memorable and redeeming characters.

The professional and mind-blowing animations helps create an atmosphere of adventure and mystery, while the voice acting stirs your emotions like never before.

Follow King Arthur and his knights through the kingdom and beyond as they chase down Morgan, the one who stole the Holy Grail from Avalon, in this particularly engaging eight-step storyline, the most exciting part about Avalon II. Determined to return the life force of Avalon back to its rightful place, King Arthur faces many dangers and challenges as he searches tirelessly.

Gamers will enjoy being a part of the story as they reforge Excalibur, spin the Wheel of Fortune and battle against the evil and menacing Black Knight. The more you play, you more engrossed you will become in the story. You won’t be able to leave!

Slot Avalon II

This casino game has great slot features along with its quality storyline. With its 5X3 reels, there are 243 different ways to win. Avalon II has support for 18 different languages, and has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. With both a Merlin and Grail bonus, you can add longevity to the game.

The Grail bonus offers games such as Lake of Legend, Dusky Moors, Misty Vale, Morgan’s Keep, Hall of Shadows, Isle of Avalon and either the Whispering Woods or the Forest Falls. It also has Wild, Multiplier, Scatter and Bonus Trigger symbols to bring in a little bit of diversity for game play, and don’t forget the Rolling Reels™, Trailing Wilds™, Extra Wilds and Expanding Wild in the Base Game for a bit more fun.

For newcomers and long-time members alike, Maple Casino is proud to present this launch. To enjoy your first try on Avalon II for all newcomers, Maple offers you a welcome of $3,000 worth of free bets to get your started on their site.

With stellar cinema quality voice acting, sound effects so real they’ll make you think you’re there, and superb animation that brings this sequel to a whole new level of gaming experience, Avalon II is destined to be a hit.

When the Iron Is Hot


Yet again, the Borgata has made it possible for another person to live the lifestyle of a high roller for the remainder of their days. The Borgata was the host of the first annual New Jersey’s Next Poker Millionaire. The winner was crowned during a televised champion event that took place live on the casino grounds despite the fact that the initial rounds of the tournament took place online.

One Big Winner

The winner, Myroslaw Woroch, had never taken home any big cash prizes before this date. The highest winnings he had ever gained prior to this event was $7,000. The big break came with a straight in the heads-up tournament against a worthy opponent, Steven Edwards. The big winner is a 40-year old New Jersey native. The field of players was considerable as well. Woroch outplayed over 2,175 players that made their way to BorgataPoker.com.

On top of the considerable cash winnings, Woroch scored two entries into live $3,500 poker events held at Borgata, 52 individual online tournament entries, and Sunday tournaments whose cash winning total $50,000. Finally, he gained $8,000 in associated live tournament entries hosted by Borgata and associates. The million-dollar prize package stirred considerable emotions in Woroch as spectators viewed the live finale.

Big Money at a Big Location

This is not the first big champion tournament to be held by Borgata. Just prior to this event, the casino hosted a Winter Poker Open Championship that came with a $3 million guarantee. A record number of players registered for this event, allowing over 1,200 players to get in on the action. In the end, over $4 million dollars was up for grabs. Once this tournament had come to an end, Anthony Merulla took home over $400,000.

The Borgata is rising in prestige in the Atlantic City area as time moves forward. This hotel, casino, and spa has roughly 161,000 square feet of gaming space and 2,000 rooms to accommodate guests. Also drawing in crowds are more than 10 boutiques, 6 casual dining locations, and a foot spa that extends for over 54,000 square feet.

Christmas Morning Comes Early

Players can forget looking for their Christmas goodies under the tree this year, stubbornly having to wait until Christmas play-roulette.-gifmorning to get a gift that will warm up the holidays. Gaming fans can go online this year and get the goodies they crave by visiting EUcasino. This vastly popular online casino destination has announced that it will be offering people the chance to play two new slot games this holiday season. Along with these new and exciting experiences to come players’ way are a considerable number of special offers as well: Santa’s Slot Race, Hunt the Present, Christmas Cash Back, and Merry Bonuses.

Over -Stuffing the Stocking

Each of these bonuses offers players a unique opportunity to increase their holiday winnings. Christmas Cash Back gives individuals free cash in their account for every wager that they place on selected games. Merry Bonuses increase the size of online bankrolls by prompting extra cash at special moments of play. Hunt the Present is a little more challenging, giving players the chance to hunt for a hidden bonus that exists somewhere on the site, paying out in cash when it is finally uncovered. Santa’s Slot Race is the most intense, presenting individuals who play the most with bonus prizes and huge sums of cash.

The Story Continues

EUcasino’s executive VP considers the holiday promotions to be especially valuable in renewing people’s enthusiasm for online gaming as the year comes to a close. Despite the skill level or engagement level of players, the suite of games in Santa’s Grotto has a game that will meet your desires. The two new slot titles being released have already proven to be incredibly successful. Amsterdam Master Plan centers around a legendary heist while Safe Hackers brings players a 3D environment where features to be unlocked seem to be nearly endless. In the end, these games offer players the chance to take home up to one million pounds. Both of these new releases are centered around a crime thriller theme, a genre that has been experiencing growing popularity in the design for slot games. They offer all the drama and excitement of a good book along with the real possibility of taking home a substantial amount of money.