How Casinos are Once Again Becoming Celebrity Magnets

Gaming establishments have a long history attracting the glitz and glamour of royalty, show business and high society. European casinos were once exclusively known as playgrounds for royals and the fabulously wealthy, and the strip at Las Vegas was associated with Hollywood celebrities from early on.

Before the turn of the century, casinos around the world were eager to welcome a broader audience. The rich and famous were a dominant segment at casinos for decades, but opening gaming centers away from locales such as Monaco and Las Vegas made them more attractive to average gamblers. Airport gaming parlors and new gambling towns such as Atlantic City introduced casinos to the middle class, and Las Vegas even went through a marketing period that aimed to turn Sin City into a family-friendly vacation spot.

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An Egalitarian Return of Glitz

By the early 21st century, the casino visitor profile had greatly expanded to include celebrities from the worlds of sports, entertainment and business. These days, it is not unusual to find Hollywood actors rubbing elbows with professional athletes and high rollers in casinos around the world. In the past, casino operators would usher celebrities to an exclusive, private area; things are not so elitist these days.

At the recent Fourth of July weekend celebrations in Las Vegas, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and singer Adam Lambert were spotted along with comedian David Spade. In recent years, many players have been surprised by celebrities who arrive at major casinos unannounced.

The Next Gambling and Celebrity Hotspot is Down Under

Economic prosperity in Asia in Oceania has prompted casino operators to consider Australia as the next major gambling and leisure destination. Over the last few years, celebrities have been flocking to this country to enjoy its vast natural beauty and hospitality; to this end, developers see an excellent opportunity to build luxury resorts anchored by major casinos.

In the next five years, Australia will see two major casino resort projects open in Queensland and Sidney Harbour. The Aquis Resort will be located near the Great Barrier Reef, and it will consist of eight hotels, a massive aquarium, special areas for pubs, dance clubs and restaurants, and a championship-grade golf course. Developers believe that celebrities will enjoy spending time at these resorts, which will also attract Asian players.