Change Comes Hard

Many hotel owners feel that it is a constant battle to maintain their right to offer gaming on their own premises. Even whenGamble-Online they are granted an initial license for gaming, reviews and other red tape are constantly in front of anyone hoping to offer gaming over long periods of time. The former owner of the Western Hotel is facing this same battle which is taking him in front of the Las Vegas City Council. Like many other applicants struggling to maintain their right to offer these types of amenities, the time frame for meeting regulations and getting documents together is presenting problems.

Hard Change

The application put in by the Western Hotel owner cites recent economic troubles a major setback in relationship to having the ability to renew the license. The owner feels that it is virtually impossible to make needed renovations or lease the property in order to meet the current regulations. At this time, the property has actually been closed and sold to a separate entity that is working on similar downtown projects being put together by Zappos. The project that has absorbed the property is reportedly spending an estimated $350 million on urban renewal.

Defining Renewal

The new owners of the property have no plans to develop it with casino applications of any kind. The request before the City Council has put some pressure on the direction of renovations, however, there are no foreseeable changes on the plans for the project in the near future. This chain of events has come as an upset for many local residents given the fact that the former Western Hotel was popular location for drinking and gambling. Despite the potential profits to be made in this type of business, the property resides at the heart of the downtown urban renewal project, making it unlikely that any kind of casino or gaming installation will be put into place.

The Vision

At this point in time, the renewal project has given the surrounding areas restaurants, bars, and real estate that is ideal for technological entrepreneurs. They seem to be shifting this property away from gaming despite the fact that their recent acquisition of the Gold Spike Casino earlier in the year kept the land-use entitlement for gaming intact.