Compulsive Theft and Frequent Lying Could be Signs of Gambling Addiction

A school superintendent in Dayton, Ohio is being accused by city officials of skipping his school-related work duties to gamble at local casinos. Brad Martin, the superintendent of the Tecumseh School District, allegedly stole money from the district’s bank accounts. Reports also suggest that Martin visited casinos over 100 times during his tenure as the district’s superintendent.

slot machineDuring a school board meeting held on January 5, Tecumseh city officials listed several grievances against Brad Martin. Most members of the school board want Martin to be terminated. Colleagues claim that Martin’s frequent work absences and gambling addiction make him unsuitable in the role Tecumseh’s superintendent.

Problems with Gambling Addiction in Ohio

According to addiction experts, Brad Martin’s story is indicative of a larger problem in Ohio. Casinos and gambling complexes are extremely common in the state, and gambling is a favorite past time of many of Ohio’s residents.

One such expert, Rob Walgate, says that Martin’s story is becoming an all-too-common story in Ohio. Walgate claims that theft, gambling addiction, and poor work habits can be explained by the amount of casinos in the state. Casino owners oppose Walgate’s assertions, and suggest that gambling addiction and crime are only isolated incidents.

Behavioral Experts Examine Addictive Behavior

Employees working for the Ohio Department of Addiction Services have been looking at the links between criminal behavior and gambling addiction. The department reports that compulsive lying, frequent absences from work, and theft are all linked to problem gambling.

Although he hasn’t met Brad Martin personally, Scott Anderson believes that the superintendent’s behavior is indicative of compulsive gambling. Anderson, who works for the Ohio Department of Addiction Services, says that Martin’s behavior is not logical.