Why Are Drinks Free at Casinos?


DrinksPicEver wondered why gambling often has that extra perk of giving out free drinks? In view of the business scheme of a casino, obviously they are out to make money. So how do they afford free drinks? Well, if one were to do the proper calculation of how much a gambler is spending in a game versus how much he might spend on one drink, more often than not the greater profit lies with the former. As long as they can keep you sitting there playing, they are making money– more money than what a standard drink may cost.

How to Know When You’re Being Offered a Free Drink

Of course the types of free drinks and the free drink policy varies with each casino, but for the most part, cocktails and drinks that may usually cost you anywhere from eight to ten dollars are served on the house as long as you are gambling. This even counts if you are sitting there playing the penny slots.

As long as a cocktail waitress comes up to you and serves you a drink, it is safe to assume that it is free. She may mention that it’s on the house, but even if she doesn’t, the only drinks that are sold are at the bar.

Free Beverage Etiquette

If you have been served a free drink and are looking to get another, you should make it a habit to give small tips to the waitress. That way, she is more likely to come back more often. In the end, you may only have to spend a few dollars rather than twenty or more for the same types of drinks.

Again, Why are the Drinks Free?

It does seem too good to be true. But it is. As long as you are gambling, the casino will do their best to keep you happy. Happy customers are more likely to stay there longer, and then after they get their fill that day, come back again in the future. It’s all a matter of developing customer loyalty through service.

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