High Rollers Being Looked as Organized Crime Dealers

In forthcoming years, Australia’s largest cities Brisbane and Sydney will see a spurt of casinos across the coast with the sole aim of attracting wealthy players into their fold. In the overcrowded world of gambling, which includes people from humble backgrounds trying their luck at slot machines with few dollars on a daily basis; there also exist an elite gamblers group. These players are referred as “casino whales” who do not bid less than $15000 in single bets. Due to their tendency concentrate on high stakes card games; Chinese poker players have become very popular in casinos across United States and Australia. Famous casinos treat them like celebrities and give them VIP treatment by arranging for free flights and luxurious stay.

Australian gamblers and organized crime

highrollersThe chase to attract high rollers from Asia has opened up the Australian gambling industry to organized crime and money laundering activities. With an annual turnover of $ 5 billion Australian casino industry is attracting both high rollers and organized criminals who use this medium to bankroll players and launder their money. Famous and rich gamblers from Indonesia and China are being targeted in an upcoming casino project of Crown Casino at Barangaroo and also at Brisbane on Queen’s Wharf development section, which will cater exclusively to them. The trend of turning casinos into tax revenues sources is turning local businessmen and government authorities into risk takers.

Comparing Macau and Australian casinos

Recent reports about combination of gambling and crime in far-off Macau may become a reality in Australian junket operations are allowed with elite gamblers from China. The gaming region of Macau has become an epicentre for gamblers in Asia which owners more than 70 percent of its revenue to high rollers who bet staggering amounts of money, which can be won or lost in one night. Professional gamblers in Macau are not allowed to play high stakes beyond a certain point nor are they allowed to take it out of the regions therefore they travel to Australia and other regions. These VIP Chinese gamblers play on credit and when they are unable to repay their creditors the latter use organized crime gangs to collect the debt.