Organized Crime in Australia Has Ties to Gambling High Rollers

The imminent opening of new high roller casinos in Australia is raising questions about the suitability of such establishments. Sydney and Brisbane will welcome top class casinos over the next five or six years. The main clientele at these establishments will be VIPs. The casinos are keen to cash in on high profile guests in a similar manner to Macau.

australia gamblingVIPs and high rollers are known for their expensive tastes and extravagant betting habits. It is not uncommon for a high roller to spend $100,000 or $200,000 in a few hours of gambling. Whether it is craps, baccarat, poker or blackjack, they like to bet big.

The main type of customer at these casinos will be high rollers from China. These are people with very deep pockets and an even deeper love of elite gambling.

Unfortunately, there has been a report on ABC in Australia that links many high rollers to organized crime in their countries. These individuals have been linked to operating criminal enterprises, laundering money and even extreme violence. People are worried that opening these casinos will attract such trouble to Australia.

Importance of VIP Casinos –

Australian casinos already make a lot of money. Reports say that around $5 billion is generated on a yearly basis. People want more. Casino owners and local governments are working together to expand casino projects and develop VIP casinos. Owners would see a huge rise in profits, while the state would benefit through taxation policies. Billionaire James Packer is building a SIX star casino over the coming years.

When states do not have a base of taxation, they look to casinos. VIP casinos bring the possibility of millions of dollars in tax money for the governments of Brisbane and Sydney. It may be a risk to invite VIP clientele from China and other parts of the world, but Australian governments seem willing to take the punt. They are desperate to build a lucrative long term tax base for their states, and VIP casinos fit the bill.

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