Singapore Casinos Tempt High Rollers

High rollers have become a rare commodity over the past few months. Revenues in Macau and other major Asian casinos are down, with experts believing that policies in China are the reason. There has been a major crackdown over upper level corruption in China, which has impacted the number of people who are willing to flaunt their wealth at casinos.

Singapore casino

There are two major casinos in Singapore that cater to high rollers, and they are locked in a battle to make as much money as possible. The CEO of Las Vegas Sands, whose company has a casino in Singapore, has accused the competition of running too many incentive programs in a bid to draw more high rollers.

He had this to say on the matter: “We do not believe that the competition is letting their brand do the talking. They are relying heavily on gimmicks and other incentives to try and attract customers.”

No one at Genting, the other company that has a casino in Singapore, refused to respond to these comments. While they accept that the situation in Singapore is not ideal, they do not have a problem continuing with these incentives in a bid to gain customers.

The reason high rollers matter so much can be shown with facts. These competing casinos have made billions in revenue since 2010. Exactly 50% of that money has come from high rollers. If there is a substantial decline in those customers, the casinos will continue to lose out big time.

Singapore has noted that there has been a 30% decline in the number of tourists coming from China this year, when compared to figures from 2013. This decline is directly impacting the major casinos in the area.