The Suspension of a Sponsored Pro on PokerStars


The better online poker sites are concerned with their image in terms of fairness in play. Rules and codes of conduct should be applied equally across the entire player population. Poker Stars has demonstrated their willingness to do this by indefinitely suspending a sponsored pro from its site. Leo Fernandez’s playing privileges have been put on hold indefinitely pending a full investigation. At issue is multi accounting.

Why Multi Accounting is Detrimental?suspended

Mutli accounting is a sore subject in the industry. There are two basic ways to do this. The first is for an individual player to create more than one account. The goal is obtain a decided advantage in concealing his or her identity. Notes based on tendencies are made useless. The wealth of experience gained by mutual play will be used by the person who multi accounts while denying the same opportunity to the legitimate player. A substantial advantage can be garnered by doing this.

The second way to benefit from multi accounting is to let a previously banned player use another persons existing account. This is what has rumored to happen in the case of Poker Stars sponsored pro Leo Fernandez. This juicy nugget comes courtesy of an interview with Daniel Colman.

How This Came About?

Mr . Colman is a prestigious sit n go player. His specialty is the hyper turbo format in which he has amassed over one million dollars in profit so far this year. He speculates on the rampant losses incurred by Leo Fernandez. He is nearly positive that Leo is not doing this and that in fact it is Fabrizio Gonzales who is using the account. Mr. Gonzales is banned on Poker Stars and has no legitimate way to play on the site.

Poker Stars is adhering to the consistent policy on not commenting during an open investigation. The scuttlebutt is that Leo Fernandez must serve a six month suspension on both Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. Whatever the truth might be, this suspension is an encouraging sign from the site. Fairness in game play and security of players funds are the two main cruxes in the determination of which poker site to play on. By Poker Stars treating a sponsored professional like any ordinary player, the company has clearly demonstrated that shenanigans will not be tolerated by anyone using their site.