Who’s Social Media’s Fav Poker Pro? Daniel Negreanu Is!

Ranked as the topmost player of PokerStars Pro, Daniel Negreanu is a vociferous person by nature who wears his heart on his sleeve. His views and personal ability as a poker player have earned him millions of fans across social networking sites.

With the title of “Poker Pros Social Currency” on a blog of PokerStars, Daniel is regarded as a kind of social media pro both by private gambling parties and online gambling firms. With a plethora of poker sites that have a significant presence on social networking sites, it is difficult to ignore them. They constantly engage attention of customers and followers towards real time poker through famous players like Negreanu.

 Daniel Negreanu

How social media helped Daniel’s rankings

To check the popularity of its star players and rank them according to their social media following, PokerStars recently conducted a survey of its online popularity on four different social networking sites. This method involved calculating the number of active and passive followers of all its blogs and posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to determine its rankings.

While social tool FollwerWonk helped in gauging effect of a player’s tweets on others’ lives, Likealyzer sifted through more than 40 Facebook signals to gauge the difference between real followers and people just passing time.

Other players in the fray

Results of this study have revealed that Daniel Negreanu is the most popular player beating Phil Ivey, due to more than 12000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter. He has managed to garner the attention of both amateur and professional poker players, which has helped in giving him a score of 78 out of 100.

Negreanu defeated Phil Ivy by 5 points though he has won World Poker Series nearly 10 times and has a bigger fan following in Facebook. Other top poker stars are Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, and Liv Boeree. Though Phil Hellmuth also has a huge Facebook and Twitter following, he was able to get 10th ranking only due to his lack of interaction with followers on YouTube and Instagram.