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Here at the Online Casino Super Club, we have set ourselves the task of providing a complete information portal for the advanced online Poker and Blackjack player. Most websites have set their sights on easing the novice gamer into the world of online casinos, but we want to fraternise with the elite. Players who are not only familiar with the basics of both games, but are also looking to excel will find a bounty of useful information, great strategies and tips from the experts – everything they could possibly need to raise their game to the next level. Online Casino Super Club also believes in the sharing of knowledge and welcomes readers to contact the team to offer their own words of wisdom!

All Poker aficionados should go straight to our slots page to get started. There you’ll find a range of advice and strategies. We’ll give you a brief reminder of the fascinating and murky history of the game from ancient times up to the present online Poker presence we’re so proud to be a part of. And then we’ve got just the advice you need to impress your opponents the next time you sit down to play a few rounds of online Poker. Please visit brand new online casinos accepting us players

If Blackjack is more your style then look no further. Bypass everything else and hit our Blackjack page. There we’ll whizz you through the equally debated history of the game and how it became an American pastime. And then we’ll get you started on Advantage Play – the only strategy used by Blackjack connoisseurs around the world.

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