A brief History of Poker

Poker has become one of the most popular pastimes among people who are interested in both cards and online gaming. The origin of this game is not clear and the debate rages on. Historians believe that it could have developed from a number of different card games such as AS NAS of ancient Persia, Pochen from Germany or Poque from France. It adapted through the centuries and migrated to the USA in the 19th century where the inhabitants of New Orleans soon adopted Poker as its own. It was from this city that the first written mention of a game where players bet on the value of each other’s hands emerged. Please visit new online casino usa and make money.

The development and establishment of the game

Once the game had taken root in the New Orleans culture continent, it swiftly spread through the country via the steamboats sailing up and down the Mississippi where gambling was a common way to while away the time spent on board. It was later played extensively by the pioneers heading west in search of gold and a better life.

From a simple 20-card game it has expanded to using a standard 52-card deck. There are also several variants each with their own strategies and rules; however the basic premise noted back in the early 1800s remains the same – betting on what other players hold.

The new developments

Now the game has become very popular among all the communities and different parts of the world. The development of technology has paved the way to play Poker online.


The number one Poker strategy employed by the best Poker players in the world is to play a tight, aggressive game. So don’t get cocky or over arrogant and wait to play the hands that are worth the effort. And then when you have selected the ones you want to play go after the pot with single-minded determination – bet and raise and intimidate your opponents (just a little bit).