Celebrities Stay Sheltered in Las Vegas

Everybody knows that celebrities have a complicated relationship with paparazzi. For example, celebrities often despise how paparazzi follow them around taking constant pictures and asking question after question. They also hate it when paparazzi leak private matters to the press. However, there is a place in the country where celebrities can go and find a bit of a vacation from paparazzi. Do you know where it is? It’s Las Vegas. It’s true! People in Las Vegas tend to respect the privacy of visiting celebrities.

Las Vegas is great place for celebrities to visit. They can network with other famous people. They can also gamble for days on end in one of the many casinos. They are also generally left alone. For example, the superstar Michael Jackson was holed up in a resort in Las Vegas in 2008. He lived in the resort for two whole months before a local gossip columnist wrote a small blurb about it. Even after the blurb was published, few people seemed to care. Why is Las Vegas like this? Part of the reason stems from the professionalism of the staff at the numerous resorts and casinos. They are able to make arrangements discretely. The private nature of resorts also make them easy to defend against reporters and photographers. Celebrities can reserve entire floors of resorts and station bodyguards wherever they decide to go.

There is also a business side as well. Celebrities often go to Las Vegas to help open a new resort or a restaurant he or she may partly own. This gives them much more control. It’s nice to know there is a place in the country where celebrities can go to feel safe!